HI FAMILY! So Glad to meet you!

HI FAMILY! So Glad to meet you!

HI FAMILY! So Glad to meet you!HI FAMILY! So Glad to meet you!HI FAMILY! So Glad to meet you!

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its amazing!



Faithful Followers is a Church service designed intentionally for our local special needs community of families and caregivers.  We are a ministry of East Union Presbyterian Church, located  in  West Deer Township and are staffed by dedicated volunteers and our Senior Pastor.

  We share a Love and Passion for Jesus and strive to Share that Love with our ENTIRE community.  You can email the Faithful Followers with the red link above, or visit the Church Website at

WE do not post pictures of our special needs congregation. But try to imagine a sea of beautiful smiling faces!



Faithful Followers is a "melting pot" of  caregivers, volunteers, individuals with intellectual disabilities, Autism and behavioral health needs. We are a diverse gathering from many different cultures, demographics, races and religions. Our services encourage participation through song, dance, clapping, touch, coming forward to the microphone for individual and corporate prayers. All participants are encouraged to express themselves in a way that is natural and comfortable to their spiritual experience.  Many are in wheel chairs, or walkers, but not shy to participate! We put no expectation on how you dress, where you come from, or what your religious background or beliefs are.      Come as YOU ARE.  Just the way God Made YOU!



We gather every Sunday and on most Holidays at the East Union Presbyterian Church Community Center - 292 East Union Road - Cheswick PA - 15024  (10minutes from Pittsburgh)       We start at 11:00 A.M.  and try to finish at noon.  Its OK to come late, and its OK to Move around during the service, or just watch from the lobby!  We are fully handicap accessible, and there will be greeters to assist you with getting out of vans or cars, and into the Center.  We have a steady flow of newcomers, and invite you to come get your free Faithful Followers shirt and  join in this celebration of Life with us!